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There is a reason why we sell better sheds usually for less !!

We have the best built sheds available in this area!

There are so many reasons to buy our Cook Warehouse Sheds. Look under them to see the skids. Most of our sheds have one piece 4"x 6" skids, even the 32' sheds. Look under the other sheds. We do not splice the our skids.
Weatherking 12' x 24' Garage outside                         Weatherking 12' x 24 Garage inside    

Most of the competition use some sort of metal floor skids and framing. Lay a piece of metal on the ground and look at it six months later. That is what the floor skids will look like under our competitiors shed. We use .40 CCA (pcf) Pressure treated wood. That class of wood is Ground / Fresh Water Contact.

Look at all the extra bracing the other sheds need to comply with the Florida Hurricane Standards if they comply. Most have diagonal braces on the corners. You couldn't finish the interior wall without removing the extra braces. Then you end up with a weakened wall system. We use three nested 2" x 4"s in each corner with no extra bracing needed. You can put drywall on every interior wall and on the ceiling as soon as the shed is delivered. You can finish the interior just like a house.

The roof system is constructed of factory made trusses pressed in a standard gig. This means the roof will be stronger and there will be no dips and valleys in the roof line. The roof is completed in a dry controlled environment. Can you walk on the roof of the others? How about jumping up and down on the roof? You can come over and I'll hold the ladder for you to jump on our roof system. I'll bet the others will make you pay for the shed before they let you on the roof.

Ask the other shed company if they will allow you to hook a chain to the shed and pull it around the yard to see how strong the flooring system is. Most likely it will fold like an accordian. Again the other would make you pay for the shed before you tried to skid it. All our sheds have pulling plates built into the flooring system. The Cook Warehouse shed has pulling plates on the front and on the rear. Come to the lot and watch us pull them around, loading them for delivery.

People use to kick tires on a car to prove how ready the vehicle was for the road. Kick the walls from the inside on the other shed. Again they will want you to buy the shed before you try it on their other shed. You can stop by and kick the Cook Warehouse Shed siding inside or out. Heck I'll let you swing on the doors with three extra duty hinges. Jump on the roof or the floor. Swing on the trusses. Close the doors and look for daylight.

The competition uses blocks to reinforce and splice. Notice the lack of a wall plate.The siding is screwed or nailed to the stud with no backing.

Lark Buildings: These buildings use steel painted exterior siding and steel strapping to meet reinforce the lateral strenghth.

Robins Builders uses steel exterior siding on 24" centers. There is no wall header and the siding can be peeled apart by hand. Not very secure.

Smithbuilt Sheds: The competition uses horizontal bracing to the exterior of the wall studs! Can't be strong ! Only a few nails holding the whole wall together.

Smithbuilt Sheds: This is a typical flooring system built and sold by our competitiors. They use only two runners or skids under the building to save on costs. And the skid is a 4" x 4" or two 2" x 4" nailed together. Note that the floor splice is not at the joist. (where the sheets of floor plywood are butted together). The skid has a bow in it already sitting on a hard surface. 



Now you can see how Cook Portable Warehouses makes a shed ! This is a 12' x 32' Lofted Barn Garage sitting on a trailer for delivery. You can see the ONE PIECE 4" x 6" pressure treated skids. This 32' shed is sitting on the trailer only by the two center skids. There is no bows or bending of the flooring system made by the best !!

Brand new Weatherking Lofted Barn with eve vents that leak during a hard rain !!
Weatherking Sheds eve vent from the inside. Lots of ways for water to get in this shed to ruin your stuff!!

Lowes Lofted Barn made entirely of OSB. No floor plate, Not even a single 2" x 4" in the corner.
Look at the 2' x 2' flooring spliced in the corner.
Weatherking Lofted Barn with only one 2' x 4' in the corner.

Weatherking Door made out of multiple sheets of OSB. No wind stop chain or any kind of adjustment for square. And HEAVY !! Let a gust of wind take this door out of your hand and see what happens to it. 

Now look at the Cook Portable Warehouse Shed door !! Adjustments !!! Storm wind chain stop !!

Weatherking skids are spliced on the larger sheds such as this 12' x 24' Lofted Barn. Cook Warehouse Sheds use full length 4" x 6" Pressure treated skids. Even the 32' Cook Warehouse Sheds use 4" x 6" x 32' one piece skids.

Robins and Smithbuilt Sheds use nailed together 2" x 4" lumber for their skids.

Look at the way the Roof trusses are toe nailed to the top plate. No side strenght at all ?

Robins and Weatherking use the same type of wall plate splicing.There is no way Cook Warehouse Sheds would ever splice the wall system like this. 

Weatherking Sheds wall splice along the floor plate. This is on a 12' x 32' lofted barn. Same weak joint.

Weatherking Sheds wall delaminating from splash moisture. This Weatherking Shed is about a year old.

Weatherking Shed that is about three years old. Look at the curve on the roof edge bead. That means the shed is arched in the middle. That's because the skids are spliced in the middle. Notice that the shingles do not have tar paper under them. The deep groove siding has delaminated and warped. We build better sheds !!

Weatherking Sheds that did not hold up to the Florida Weather !!

Weatherking Sheds that has some problems from the weather in Florida. No tar paper under the shingles. Note the hump in the roof edging. Siding delamination.

    Could it be that this Weatherking 12' x 24' Garage Shed is not strong enough to be moved without extra bracing ?

This is a new Weatherking Lofted Barn with split floor joists

Weatherking 12' wide Lofted Barn with misaligned doors.

Weatherking does not use any hurricane strapping on the skids that are used to anchor the shed down on this 12' x 16 Lofted Barn.

Lots of daylight in the soffit which lets lots of bugs in on this Weatherking Shed.


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